[rabbitmq-discuss] Limiting the size of a message

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Mon Jul 30 10:05:01 BST 2012


On 28/07/12 03:20, kmb wrote:
> Is there a way to limit the size of messages that producers can send? I'd
> like to prevent an authorized user with malicious intent from crashing a
> RabbitMQ server (or severly degrading performance for a while) by sending a
> massive message.

No, the message size cannot be limited, but it is possible to limit the
size of frames (see
and it is possible to limit the time that a message may spend in a queue

If you are concerned about a malicious user that may flood the broker
with large messages, then consider fronting the broker with an AMQP
proxy that measures message sizes and disconnects clients that send
oversize messages.


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