[rabbitmq-discuss] AMQP Keep-alives?

Dion Rowney dion.rowney at usask.ca
Thu Jul 26 23:59:16 BST 2012

I am running vCloud Director, vCenter Orchestrator with RabbitMQ in the 
middle and keep getting this error email message:

VMware vCloud Director lost connection with AMQP Server

It does seem to cause a problem as it seems to just reconnect when 
needed but I believe it is because my cells are behind a Cisco load 
balancing content switch which must drop idle connections after some 
timeout period.

Is there a similar "keep-alive" or "heartbeat" option available for the 
vcd cells and vCO or maybe a RabbitMQ server setting to use keep-alive 

My fear is the disconnect message will be important one day and everyone 
will just ignore it.

If there is something that VMware needs to implement, just say it and I 
will open a SR ticket requesting this, but I thought I would check and 
see if its something I need to do on the RabbitMQ side first.



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