[rabbitmq-discuss] one or many exchanges

Aaron Westendorf aaron at agoragames.com
Thu Jul 26 15:41:49 BST 2012

We're using Rabbit as a bus for an RPC-like service. To date we're
using a named topic exchange, e.g. "account" for everything that
routes to one of many queues, e.g. "account.get". In practice there
are several queues as each queue is dedicated to a separate

Is this the best approach, or should we consolidate to a single
exchange? Years ago, we implemented transactions because if an
exchange didn't exist at the time of publishing, the channel would be
closed and we didn't want to lose messages that were published after
the bad one. I'm refactoring and implementing publisher confirms, and
don't know what to expect in that same scenario. If I can limit to a
single exchange without problem, then I can ensure that exchange
exists and not have to worry about this situation at all.


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