[rabbitmq-discuss] pull task queue design

Mark Ward ward.mark at gmail.com
Tue Jul 24 16:31:10 BST 2012


I am fairly new to rabbitMQ and AMQP.  I am wondering if it is possible to 
build a pull task queue with task lease capabilities.  Something like the 
Google App Engine pull queue  

I am exploring the idea to have an http/rest interface between our worker 
and the server.  The server would connect rabbitMQ.  The workers are 
distributed to our client sites.  The reasoning behind this is due to being 
unsure how the persistent connection of AMQP will fair with customer’s 
firewall and proxy server configurations.  I cannot predict the 
combinations or limitations of outbound connections but typically http(s) 
80/443 are guaranteed outbound connections.

Possibly a reassurance of how well the AMQP protocol fairs across the 
internet may sway the design back to use the AMQP protocol over using the 
http/proxy idea.  The AMQP setup at the client site will need to function 
right from the start without having to involve network administrators 
altering configurations.  It would be possible for us to host rabbitMQ on 
ports 80/443.

It might be impossible if I am correct that AMQP does not provide message 
timeouts and messages are redelivered if the worker’s connection dies.  
With an http/proxy implementation the connections would have to be 


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