[rabbitmq-discuss] Publisher Confirms retries

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Tue Jul 24 10:12:37 BST 2012


On 24/07/12 05:00, Yogita Patil wrote:
> Given a publisher confirms setup,
> How many times does the publisher try resending an unacknowledged
> message before discarding it as dead
> what is the the time interval between each  retry

It is up to the publisher to decide all of these questions. If confirms
have been selected on the channel then all subsequent publishes will be
acknowledged, perhaps not positively (nack is possible), perhaps not
individually (multiple ack is possible) and perhaps not immediately, but
it will be answered eventually. Unless the network fails.

If there was a network failure then it is possible for messages to
disappear. Therefore publishers should keep track of unconfirmed
messages in order to be able to resend them in case of a network failure.

The question of messages going missing and requiring resending while the
network remains running should not arise. It is not clear what failure
condition you are trying to protect against.


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