[rabbitmq-discuss] Looking for some specific & complete C# examples

Wizaerd wizaerd at gmail.com
Fri Jul 20 22:07:17 BST 2012

It's great that you guys (RabbitMQ) have the tutorials for Python and Java, 
but I'm looking for some complete examples for C#, specifically synchronous 
request-reply and asynchronous re-quest-reply message patterns.  I've been 
searching the net for a while now, and keep seeing examples for EasyNetQ 
(which I am not too interested in using (plus the documentation is fairly 
poor for, it's only documents snippets, but no complete samples).  I was 
able to put together a simple pusher app, that publishes messages to an 
exchange, and a puller component that successfully pulls those messages, 
and it was fairly simple to use, but has little to no relevance to the real 

So where could I get some good examples of request-reply patterns, both 
synchronous and asynchronous?  Something that's actually versbose in it's 
explanations as opposed to something that just shows a snippet or two of 
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