[rabbitmq-discuss] Build deb package including plugins

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Fri Jul 20 10:58:35 BST 2012


On 18/07/12 22:22, Clemens Kolbitsch wrote:
> I'm trying to build the latest mecurial version into a deb package and
> include specific plugins in the deb.

You can accomplish this by transplanting the "debian" folder from a
Debian source package to a checked out version of the rabbitmq-server

For the plugins you need to check out the public umbrella (as you have
done) and define the PLUGINS_SRC_DIST_DIR Make variable to point to the
"plugins-src" directory within the rabbitmq-server directory and run the
plugins-srcdist Makefile target from the public umbrella.


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