[rabbitmq-discuss] can't start rabbitmq-server

Tim Watson tim at rabbitmq.com
Thu Jul 19 14:02:55 BST 2012

On 07/19/2012 02:01 PM, Eslam Mamdouh El Husseiny wrote:
> hi,
> i have a mysterious problem with rabbitmq"2.7.1-0ubuntu4"
> sometimes it refuses to start and come out with this error message :
>     melzalabany at Ubuntu-11:web_tier$  rabbitmq-server
>     Only root or rabbitmq should run rabbitmq-server

That looks like the reason there: 'only root or rabbitmq should run 

> and i resolve this error with restarting system

Not sure how this helps, but perhaps I'm missing something?

> So i'd like to know if there is a reason for this error and how to 
> avoid this problem without rebooting machine

Does this happen if you try and start the server the correct user?
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