[rabbitmq-discuss] Crash with active-active setup, durable and mirrored queues and persistent messages

Lars Strojny lars.strojny at internations.org
Mon Jul 16 11:32:24 BST 2012

Hi everybody,

as discussed on IRC, we had a crash with our active/active setup. We have two servers, rabbit01 and rabbit02, both disk nodes. Our queues are all durable and mirrored. All messages have the X-HA-Policy of "all". We use haproxy as a load balancer.

Unfortunately I was not able to reproduce the crash. A little context as a long shot: we were deploying a new version of our software. Our deployment process does queue housekeeping (creating queues and exchanges, adding routing keys). During the deployment at least one consumer was running that processed messages. The consumer does the usual read, accept/reject pattern.

RabbitMQ Log message: http://pastebin.com/wjYjz4H4
Our application log messages (not sure if that is helpful): http://pastebin.com/DrQwKuwL
rabbitmq-server --version: http://pastebin.com/nX3PuaTU

Best regards,
Lars Strojny
Chief Technical Officer

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80336 München
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