[rabbitmq-discuss] Shovel can't establish connection

Parker Conrad parkerconrad at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 18:42:18 BST 2012

Hey guys - thanks everyone for your help. Thought I'd update the list with
resolution, in case others have the same problem and are searching the list
archives. There were two different dumb things I was doing.

The first (REALLY dumb) was that I had stopped and started one of my EC2
instance and the DNS / IP had changed. Make sure you've got elastic IPs set
up so that the IP address isn't changing on you.

After that, I was still getting timeout errors with Shovel. The issue was
that I had to open up port 5672 on windows firewall on my windows server.
Remember that, for windows servers on EC2, there are effectively
two separate places that access is locked down -- EC2 security groups and
windows firewall; both need to be configured to allow access on 5672.


On Thu, Jul 12, 2012 at 5:29 AM, Francesco Mazzoli
<francesco at rabbitmq.com>wrote:

> Hi Parker,
> At Wed, 11 Jul 2012 19:42:27 -0700,
> Parker Conrad wrote:
> > Here's the error I get when I check on Shovel's status:
> >
> > sudo rabbitmqctl eval 'rabbit_shovel_status:status().'
> > [{scrape_request_shovel,
> >      {terminated,
> >          {{badmatch,{error,access_refused}},
> >           [{rabbit_shovel_worker,make_conn_and_chan,1},
> >            {rabbit_shovel_worker,handle_cast,2},
> >            {gen_server2,handle_msg,2},
> >            {proc_lib,init_p_do_apply,3}]}},
> >      {{2012,7,12},{2,7,30}}}]
> > ...done.
> It looks like the authentication is failing. Could you double check that
> the
> credentials you configured shovel with are correct? The logs on the broker
> will
> help understanding what's going on. Also, don't forget to tell us what
> version
> of rabbit you are using when posting to the mailing list.
> --
> Francesco * Often in error, never in doubt
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