[rabbitmq-discuss] building system architecture

Anton Kirilenko anton.kirilenko at rosalab.ru
Fri Jul 13 09:32:33 BST 2012

I'm involved in developing of the automated package building system. 
I've got some working version
1) Every building client can process its task for an hour or more. Is it 
correct to send ACK only after the building is done?
2) Now I've got one queue for each combination of building platform and 
architecture. Lots of client consume from it. But I need a task 
scheduling mechanism (send all the task to queue when we get them is not 
a good idea), ability to stop building... It looks like I need separate 
queue for every client (it can be exclusive consumer for every queue). 
Is it possible to configure RabbitMQ to close the queue and notify 
building server (that have sent the message) about it?
The important thing: it's very bad for the system to loose building 
tasks. In case of client failure RabbitMQ should notify server, in case 
of RabbitMQ failure (or connection failure) server should know that the 
task was not processed well and resend it to another client.
In other words - after building server have sent the message, it should 
be notified if the task was not (and will never be) processed.


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