[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ shuts itself down every night?

Tim Watson tim at rabbitmq.com
Thu Jul 12 15:06:25 BST 2012

On 07/11/2012 06:38 AM, Eric Ettes wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> For a project I'm using RabbitMQ and I've encountered a strange 
> problem that I'm unable to solve. The rabbit-server will automatically 
> shut down every night with the following logging (I cleaned the log 
> files and just waited for the next shutdown to occur :)):


> *shutdown_err:*
> Error: {'EXIT',{error,{could_not_read_pid,{error,enoent}}}}

Why can't the pid file be read? Where is rabbit installed and which user 
is running this command?

> *shutdown_log:*
> Stopping and halting node rabbit at lukas ...
> *startup_err:*
> /usr/lib/rabbitmq/bin/rabbitmq-server: 90: erl: not found

Well this is very odd. Definitely looks like the user which initiated 
the startup/shutdown isn't the rabbitmq user, as it appears that the 
'erl' program isn't found on this user's path.

> I'm using a plain version of RabbitMQ 2.8.2 on Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS, so 
> far I've only installed RabbitMQ without changing the configuration. 
> Also, the app hasn't been released for testing yet, so there's been no 
> traffic over RabbitMQ...
> After re-starting Rabbit, this is the output of rabbitmqctl status:
> Status of node rabbit at lukas ...
> [{pid,24404},
>  {running_applications,
>      [{rabbitmq_management,"RabbitMQ Management Console","2.8.2"},
>       {xmerl,"XML parser","1.2.9"},
>       {rabbitmq_management_agent,"RabbitMQ Management Agent","2.8.2"},
>       {amqp_client,"RabbitMQ AMQP Client","2.8.2"},
>       {rabbit,"RabbitMQ","2.8.2"},
>       {os_mon,"CPO  CXC 138 46","2.2.6"},
>       {sasl,"SASL  CXC 138 11",""},
>       {rabbitmq_mochiweb,"RabbitMQ Mochiweb Embedding","2.8.2"},
>       {webmachine,"webmachine","1.7.0-rmq2.8.2-hg"},
>       {mochiweb,"MochiMedia Web Server","1.3-rmq2.8.2-git"},
>       {inets,"INETS  CXC 138 49","5.6"},
>       {mnesia,"MNESIA  CXC 138 12","4.4.19"},
>       {stdlib,"ERTS  CXC 138 10","1.17.4"},
>       {kernel,"ERTS  CXC 138 10","2.14.4"}]},

Unless I'm mistaken, these plugins should not be automatically enabled 
with a stock rabbit. So have you really installed RabbitMQ "without 
changing the configuration" at all?

> I've searched the internet for a while now, but so far I wasn't able 
> to find anything -- perhaps someone on this mailing encountered the 
> same issue and has a solution?

I strongly suspect some other agent on your system is attempting to shut 
down rabbit, though clearly making a botched job of it as 'erl' isn't 
found at some point and the pid file isn't where it is expected to be.
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