[rabbitmq-discuss] Problem: erlang ssl handshake_recv_unexpected_message

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Thu Jul 12 11:27:07 BST 2012


please keep the rabbitmq-discuss list on cc.

On 12/07/12 11:23, anton prokofiev wrote:
> Thanks for reply. I have the same feeling.
> Unfortunately,  server is out of my control :(
> I have made test  .NET application under Windows (RabitMQ client 2.7.0).
> Looks like it works. In this case I use original pkcs12 certificate that
> I got from the external party.
> In this case I could open a  connection.
> Any Idea why it works with WIN + .NET and did not work with Linux + Erlang?

You said that your debugging indicated that the client received the 
connection.start from the server. If so the SSL handshake must have 
completed successfully and the connection is dropped for another reason, 
such as invalid credentials.



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