[rabbitmq-discuss] Restarting/re-establising failed federation connections

David Gillies dgillies at brandscreen.com
Wed Jul 11 13:35:49 BST 2012


So I've got a simple federated setup where we have a bunch of rabbits in 
various data centres all publishing to a central upstream queue. This works 
well for most of them, except for one data centre which has particularly 
bad connectivity. I've found the upstream rabbitmq server gets into a 
situation where by it loses connectivity to the downstream rabbit and is 
never able to connect again which results me going to the lengths of 
restarting the upstream rabbitmq cluster (just two servers in a cluster). 
Is there a less heavy handed way of re-establising the connection to the 
downstream cluster for situations where the federation plugin can't seem to 
reconnect anymore?

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