[rabbitmq-discuss] messages disappearing from RabbitMQ queue on cluster set-up

sanjiv.kumar.jha at accenture.com sanjiv.kumar.jha at accenture.com
Tue Jul 3 12:09:19 BST 2012


We are using rabbitMQ version 2.7.1.
We've set up a cluster of 2 nodes having mirrored queues ("x-ha-policy", "all") on 2 different linux servers.
After posting a persistent message to node -1, we are able to see the message on both nodes - fine till this point.
When rabbitmq is stopped (using rabbitmqctl stop_app) on any of the nodes (say node - 1 is stopped), we are still able to see the message on the other node (node - 2) - again fine till this point.
But, when we restart node - 1 and stop node - 2, the messages are getting lost after this point.
Please let us know, if this is an expected behavior or if we need to do any specific setting/configuration .


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