[rabbitmq-discuss] Message acknowledgment scenarios

Wiessler, Wolfgang wolfgang.wiessler at siemens.com
Mon Jul 2 16:40:01 BST 2012


In my setup, I have a Rabbit MQ server running somewhere centrally. A receiver picks up a message from the queue. Auto-ack is turned off, since I want the receiver to only acknowledge the message when all necessary processing at the receiver is done. The processing in the receiver happens in a separate thread, so if the thread dies because of an error, the receiver is still online and has a valid connection to Rabbit MQ. I am using the .NET client.

The basic question is: Is it possible to acknowledge a message that was received on one IModel instance using a different IModel instance? I did a brief test and that did not work. It seems as if a message's delivery tag is specific to an IModel.

What happens to an unacknowledged message if the server dies/is not reachable? Is it automatically re-queued since the server lost its connection to the receiver? Or could a receiver send an acknowledgment once the server is reachable again? E.g. by waiting in a loop for a successful connection to the server.

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