[rabbitmq-discuss] Consumer/publisher - last message published does not appear in queue, but appears in firehose trace!?

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Sun Jul 1 19:40:29 BST 2012


On 01/07/12 01:14, spronkey wrote:
>  3. Consume loop begins on *in* channel consuming from *broadcast* queue
>      1. Gather person list from broadcast message body
>      2. Start transactions on *smsout* and *emailout* channels
>      3. Loop through person list. For each, create two AMQP Messages w/
>         single person and publish to *smsout *and *emailout* queues
>         respectively
>      4. Once finished looping, commit transaction (assuming all OK)
>      5. Create new AMQPMessage with number of persons and publish to
>         *msg-broadcast-confirm* queue

In AMQP, once a channel is put in transactional mode with tx.select(), 
it stays in that mode forever. So the message published in step 5 above 
is part of a new transaction and hence will only end up in queues  at 
the next tx.commit().


PS: in future please post to the rabbitmq-discuss mailing list rather 
than the google group.

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