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Thu Feb 16 03:44:05 GMT 2012

the Erlang distributed networking not working on windows 2003 64bit.
This platform is sufficiently rare that no-one else has reported this
problem for Erlang, but I see there was a similar report in Wireshark
caused by a library ordering problem:

If you can find the shortest set of steps that provokes the error then
that should be enough to give the Erlang developers a handle on the
problem. I would expect these commands to cause a failure - can you
confirm? Make sure the Erlang bin directory is in your PATH:

werl -sname testnode@%COMPUTERNAME%
werl -sname foo -remsh testnode@%COMPUTERNAME%

If you need a working RabbitMQ broker in the meantime then consider
installing the 32bit version of Erlang. I not expect it to suffer from
the same problem.


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