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Thu Feb 16 03:44:05 GMT 2012

unpack it and get rabbit running in 20 seconds max provided you have Erlang

There's is where the problem comes. So I'm not criticizing RabbitMQ here.
In my case I've been using Erlang for a few years already so I like to
build it from source and so on, but some people don't. Actually some people
just want to evaluate RabbitMQ and see if it's the right solution for them.
If I can't get RabbitMQ running because something doesn't compile or
whatever the reason, but then I download MagickMQ and it works like a charm
then I will just evaluate MagickMQ and discard RabbitMQ. It's sad but it's
how it works most of the time.

I agree with you Matthew that you should learn how to compile Erlang,
Haskell or whatever you use, but not everybody would agree with that. See
for example the download numbers the Haskell guys are publishing from time
to time since they created the Haskell platform. Erlang solutions even has
their own page now where you can download a ready to use Erlang distro.

So what I want to do is just to add one command to the make files that can
generate those Erlang releases and put them in a tarball.


On Fri, Apr 13, 2012 at 1:41 PM, Matthew Sackman <matthew at>wrot=

> On Fri, Apr 13, 2012 at 01:35:03PM +0200, Alvaro Videla wrote:
> > Are you serious? I mean=85 if you want to disagree with me I'm OK with
> that.
> > But there's no need to come up with that kind of sarcasm.
> Sorry, my apologies. Having a bad day. Didn't mean to take it out on
> you.
> I agree the packaging issue is a problem, and there has been a lot done
> to improve this. I do genuinely think that right now, the cloud foundary
> approach may be a viable alternative if getting going quickly is the
> key.
> Matthew
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