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Thu Feb 16 03:44:05 GMT 2012

actually want the service running. However, I don't see a way to tell
the rabbitmq-server install to just drop the bits, and not leave
anything running.

That's the crux of the question: How can we install rabbitmq-server
without ending up any new programs running?

Some further background:

Our installation is done using Puppet. We do *not* want to use the
rabbitmq user account. Instead, we have a dedicated account that all
of our services run under.

My puppet script successfully configures things so that rabbitmq runs
correctly under our special account. I have *no* problem with this

The issue is: We don't want these leftover processes running as the
rabbitmq user hanging around after puppet completes. I've experimented
with adding "epmd -kill" to the Puppet scripts, and it successfully
kills epmd on about 30% of the nodes, but it fails (exit code !=3D 0) on
the other 70%.

The only way I've seen to clean up this leftover setup state is to
reboot the nodes, and that's a pretty drastic, unsatisfactory

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