[rabbitmq-discuss] Query a queue status from the client

Christopher Lefevre CLefevre at Transparent.com
Tue Feb 28 16:51:29 GMT 2012

I apologize, in my haste to send this out, I didn't get to fully investigate.

If someone else were to come upon this issue, what you need to do is declare a different Callback method, which accepts a variable.

This variable will contain member items for the Queue, Awaiting Messages, Consumers, Channel Number, and Frame Type.

To access these you would need to use:

Sorry to clog up the mailing list, and I hope I'm appending to the message correctly, but hopefully this will clear up any questions people may have had like this.

-Christopher Lefevre

From: Christopher Lefevre
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Subject: Query a queue status from the client

In my searches for obtaining the queue's status from a client, I stumbled upon this Stack Overflow question:

The user is asking about .NET, however I need it to work for Python.

I'm using PIka (0-9-1, if I recall correctly), with RabbitMQ 2.7.1

The user on Stack Overflow seems to be posting the exact solution I need as:

name, jobs, consumers = chan.queue_declare(queue=queuename, passive=True)

However, when I use this line, I only receive back an error that a None type object is not iterable. Which is due to the function only returning None.

Does anyone have any experience with this use case? Am I missing something in the queue declare?

Thank you for your time,
-Christopher Lefevre
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