[rabbitmq-discuss] dead connection lingers around?

stone zmstone at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 09:25:37 GMT 2012


Have a problem while testing my Erlang client based application.
I have no idea if it's due to some bad behavior in my app or whatsoever,
hope I can get some useful information here.

In my case, I have:
three rabbit nodes in a cluster;
one non-durable topic exchange;
two connections established;
several channels and queues (exclusive & non-exclusive) declared.

While i'm testing, sometimes the connections they just linger around even
the client has quit already.

For instance, here is one or my dead connections (copied from admin page):

AMQP 0-9- at test-app20B/s(1.9kB total) 0B/s(1.1kB
I'm pretty sure that the client on has been killed already,
but the connection is still in "running" state.

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