[rabbitmq-discuss] Another Naive Question

Bell, Paul M. pbell at syncsort.com
Fri Feb 24 23:11:32 GMT 2012

Thanks, Simon.

I realize, now, that I had put a very naïve question.

Maybe these will be less so and, consequently, more interesting:

What is a "best practices" way of handling the following:

a. broker dies (maybe it's down for several minutes)
b. in-flight producers and consumers remain up, trying to do their thing. In my case, the producer merely produces, but consumer both consumes and produces.

I assume that producer will, with next attempt at publishing to the exchange, get some kind exception/error (econnreset?) Is this correct? But if the consumer is subscribed to the queue (and I assume this means that it employs some variant of a MessageListenerContainer), will it receive any error at all?

Assuming that at least the producer gets an error, I suppose it could simply cease sending messages and perhaps periodically check that broker is back up. How best to do that, e.g., every Nth msg actually try to send it to the exchange and see what happens?

Then there's the matter of exchange/queue durability. Suppose that neither the producer nor consumer declared (created) the queues they are dealing with (some other component might have created them). Broker is again available, but the non-durable queues no longer exist AND neither producer nor consumer has the logic to declare them. Is the answer here simply to make the exchange and queues durable? In this way, I think, the exchange/queues are always there so neither P nor C need declare them. Or, is it better for components always to declare any queue that they will use (given the idempotency of declaring a queue)?

Thanks again, everyone.


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On 23/02/12 14:54, Bell, Paul M. wrote:
> Is there any problem with multiple Producers publishing to the same
> queue? I assume that this presents no problem to Rabbit - but I just
> need to be certain.

No, not at all. That's a large part of the point :-)

Cheers, Simon

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