[rabbitmq-discuss] Message presence notification

Cermak, Marek Marek.Cermak at Honeywell.com
Thu Feb 23 09:51:39 GMT 2012

Hello everybody,
in our scenario we use two different connections to rabbitmq server - one is using a slow and permanently open link the second is very fast but opens only on demand and should be closed once it is not in use.
These two connection we want to use for consuming messages from many (tens, hundreds) queues in the following way

1.       open the connection on a slow link and "watch" the queues;

2.       once there is a message in one of the watched queues, the client receives a notification (no message) from rabbit;

3.       client opens the fast link, consumes available messages from queues and closes  the link;

4.       back to #2.

How can we achieve this with AMQP (0.9.1 or 1.0) ? Can we do it with no RabbitMQ protocol extension?
I was thinking about channel.basicQoS(0) but what would I get in that case?

Thank you for your help.

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