[rabbitmq-discuss] timestamp basic property looses milliseconds?

Ken Baltrinic kbaltrinic at bericotechnologies.com
Wed Feb 22 20:04:50 GMT 2012

We are attempting to use the amqp basic property "timestamp" via the
RabbitMQ java client (see code below) to record the point in time when
the message gets sent.  However, we are finding that when a message is
pulled from the bus, the timestamp property of the retrieve message
has had its milliseconds component dropped.  We are using rabbitmq
2.7.1 with erlang R15B.  Is this a bug or by design? Other than using
our own headers, is there a better way to do this?  We would love it
if Rabbit itself would provide this timestamp as it would eliminate
issues with client clocks not being in sync.

        BasicProperties props = new BasicProperties.Builder()
            .timestamp(new Date(2930830427321L))

Thereafter do a basicPublish and basicGet() and compare sent and
received timestamps.  They differ by 321 mills.

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