[rabbitmq-discuss] Bug in management plugin escaping

Lionel Cons lionel.cons at cern.ch
Tue Feb 21 10:39:07 GMT 2012

Simon MacMullen writes:
 > > {error,{error,undef,
 > >                [{xmerl_ucs,from_utf8,[<<"test\\..*">>]},
 > You are missing xmerl. This is a part of Erlang, but some distro 
 > packaging (Debian especially) splits it out. I thought we had that fixed 
 > for all recent releases though. Which packaging and version are you using?

I'm using Erlang rpms from EPEL6 and indeed erlang-xmerl was not installed.
Installing it fixed the problem.

This said, an error message like "xmerl is missing" would have been
easier to interpret...



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