[rabbitmq-discuss] Bug in management plugin escaping

Lionel Cons lionel.cons at cern.ch
Tue Feb 21 09:47:37 GMT 2012

I've found a bug in the way the RabbitMQ plugin handles escaping.

Here is how to reproduce it with RabbitMQ 2.7.1.

I use the web-based management interface to create a user.

I then set the permissions to be everything starting with "test.".
According to http://www.rabbitmq.com/access-control.html, I type in
the relevant field: test\..*

When I press "Set permission", the web interface reports:

Got response code 500 with body
Internal Server Error
The server encountered an error while processing this request:


FWIW, I get the same problem using rabbitmqadmin.



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