[rabbitmq-discuss] STOMP Plugin: Alternative exchange other than amq.topic?

Ken Simon ninkendo at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 16:19:23 GMT 2012


I'm trying to get federation working (via the rabbitmq_federation
plugin) in our environment of STOMP hosts, and to do so I have to
enable federation in the STOMP plugin's exchange: amq.topic.  This
unfortunately doesn't seem to work because amq.* exchanges are
reserved and cannot be re-declared.

My solution at this point has been to edit the source of the STOMP
plugin and point it at an exchange called "stomp_topic" (which I made
up, but could be anything) instead of the default amq.topic.  Then I
just configure the federation plugin to work with that exchange and it
works fine.

My question is, is there a better way of doing this?  I hate
maintaining my own downstream changes to plugins if I don't have to.
The docs say that the STOMP plugin routes all messages through
amq.topic, so it appears that's not configurable.  But wouldn't it
make sense to allow use of an exchange that's not reserved?  Or am I
missing something, and this is actually way easier?  I'm having
trouble finding any documented cases of people using both STOMP and



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