[rabbitmq-discuss] SimpleConsumer EOFException

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Fri Feb 17 17:32:14 GMT 2012

Hi Susheel,

On 09/02/12 18:12, Susheel Daswani wrote:
> Another issue I've run into is my Queuing Consumer isn't connecting
> reliably. I will start up a Queuing Consumer and it may or may not
> connect, depending on how it is feeling ;) . When it doesn't connect,
> I usually won't see any exception, though it will sometimes error out
> with the EOFException I previously wrote about. FYI I am sure there
> are messages to be consumed as I can see them from our web admin
> interface.

It sounds like you are still struggling with the symptoms of an
unreliable network. Can you reproduce any of these problems when using
the loopback interface to avoid the network?

There have been some fixes to problems in the AMQP connection
establishment logic recently. This probably wont fix your problem, but
it might be worth trying with the latest version of the Java client, or
waiting for the next release:


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