[rabbitmq-discuss] Federation and Stomp

patrickf p.fitzsimons at g.teamaol.com
Wed Feb 15 15:29:27 GMT 2012

I am testing RabbitMQ for suitability in a pub/sub application over multi 
data centre network.

Existing clients are using stomp so we need to stay on stomp if at all 
possible.  I am trying to set up federation with stomp.  Federation seems 
to work fine, in that the log tells me it has federated links to the 2 
upstream exchanges that are set up in the .config file.  And using amqp I 
can send to the upstream exchange and have a consumer pick it up off the 
downstream exchange.

When using stomp with a perl client set, I connect to the upstream exchange 
with destination /exchange/<exchange name> and get an auto-delete queue.  I 
can configure a consumer client with the same destination and it pulls off 
the messages fine.   The problem is that the consumer must be connected or 
any messages sent by the producer are lost.

Is there a way to have a non-auto delete queue on the upstream exchange 
that I can connect to via stomp?

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