[rabbitmq-discuss] Multi-threading in c/c++

Eric J. Holtman eric at holtmans.com
Fri Feb 17 02:41:47 GMT 2012

On 2/16/2012 7:27 PM, Alan Antonuk wrote:
> Thats one way to do it.  Another would be to a have a "connection thread"
> that would own the non-thread-safe objects, and would dispatch the messages
> to the worker threads.  It takes a bit more code to accomplish it but its


> As a self-less plug, if you're looking for a C++ wrapper - I'd encourage
> you to checkout SimpleAmqpClient https://github.com/alanxz/SimpleAmqpClient,
> which is Yet Another rabbitmq-c wrapper.  It won't necessarily solve your
> threading question though.

Thanks, Alan!

I guess after reading through a couple of books, I was assuming
that implementations of Rabbit (or AMQP) would make using multiple
channels across threads easier.

However, I spent today glancing over the actual protocol spec,
and now I understand why rabittmq-c doesn't do that:  there's
just way too much state in each object.

OK, I can live with it... I just wanted to be sure I wasn't
fundamentally misunderstanding something.

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