[rabbitmq-discuss] rabbitMQ management tool not showing messages delivered

Langston, Jim Jim.Langston at compuware.com
Thu Feb 16 13:41:19 GMT 2012

Thanks Emile, I'm driving the developers nuts, the developers using
the queue say they are getting messages just fine.

There are 4 queues configured, snapshot showing:

Queue	Status	R/U/Total	Incoming	delivery/get

Q1	Active	0/0/0		1510/s		1510/s
Q2	Active	0/0/0		1510/s		1510/s
Q3	Active	0/0/0		1510/s		1502/s
Q4	Active 	0/0/0		1510/s		0/s

The calculation method seem to indicate no deliveries are being made. As
the snapshot changes along with the incoming values changing, the
delivery/get values change, but the value of 0/s for Q4
never varies although the incoming values for Q4 do.


On 2/16/12 5:34 AM, "Emile Joubert" <emile at rabbitmq.com> wrote:

>Hi Jim,
>On 15/02/12 20:01, Langston, Jim wrote:
>> Also, how is the value to be presented as deliver/get being calculated?
>This statistic is the rate at which messages are delivered to consumers.
>The value is calculated by dividing the number of deliveries by the time
>period over which they were recorded.
>> I've been looking at rabbitmqctl commands that would be let me do the
>> independent of the mgmt interface. Is there a way to get those values?
>The rabbitmqctl tool does not report message rates, so that comparison
>is not directly possible.

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