[rabbitmq-discuss] Persisting Messages on a Direct Exchange, Selectively Looking for Particular Messages

McMahon, James S (TASC) james.mcmahon at TASC.COM
Thu Feb 16 00:45:49 GMT 2012

Good evening. I am a new user of rabbitMQ. I have worked through the rabbitMQ tutorials and implemented a very simple direct exchange queue.

How would one persist messages on the directed exchange? I want to do this so that a consumer in a while loop will see the messages right when they are posted, and other instances of consumers can pull a message selectively off the queue. This latter group may issue such a request after the original message has been posted.

My messages are directed to exchanges by a qmsgTarget field. My messages have a field in their structure called srcId. My messages also have a field in their structure called seqNum. Thus a consumer may wish to say "Please get me message 3 from srcid 666 from the qmsgtarget Server direct exchange". Another consumer may later issue the same request, so this third message in the sequence for srcid 666 must remain on the directed exchange.

I will be implementing a method deleteQmsg() that I intend to use to delete messages selectively.

Is it possible using rabbitMQ to implement this? Can anyone point me towards a similar example?

- nyg_fan

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