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MELIQUE Denis (MORPHO) denis.melique at morpho.com
Wed Feb 15 14:47:02 GMT 2012

Hi every body.

I'm quite new with RabbitMQ, so sorry if my question is stupid.

I'am currently setting a Shovel configuration to forward messages from one broker to another,
to have a two sites Active/Semi-Active configuration. Incoming messages must be processed by both sites.

I have set a very small testing configuration with 2 hosts.
'Active host' is running RabbitMQ 2.7.1 on Windows, as 'Semi-Active' is running RabbitMQ 2.6.1 on RedHat6.

The test configuration is as following:
- messages are posted by clients to a direct Exchange named 'public'
- consumers bind to transient queues to the 'public' exchange, with a specific key
   Each consumer  read a message and stores it on disk.
- obviously I don't want to lost any message

My Shovel configuration has: (see attached rabbitmq.config files)

1-      On the Active side:

- a persistent queue bound to 'public' exchange with all possible keys. So every incoming message is read by the Shovel plug-In (that's OK)

- a Shovel declaration to forward messages to the distant exchange declared for the

2-      On the Semi-Active side:
- a topic exchange to which Shovel forwards messages (that's also OK)
- a persistent queue bound to this topic exchange
- a Shovel declaration to forward messages into the local 'public' Exchange.

Everything is fine and messages are going from Active side to Semi-Active one.

Except when consumers are not running on the Semi-Active side.
In that case, messages are sent to 'public' Exchange and are lost because nobody is bound to.
despite the setting : ack_mode, on_confirm

Nb: if the 'Semi-Active side' is not started at all, it's OK messages are kept in the persistent queue
On the Active side.
I'am looking for a way of configuring Shovel plug-in to keep messages in persistent queue until
a consumer can process them.

I thing  I am probably wrong with my configuration, but I can't figure where ??

Thank's a lot.

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