[rabbitmq-discuss] Looking for guidance on R14B04 vs. R13B03 performance

Matt Pietrek mpietrek at skytap.com
Tue Feb 14 23:07:16 GMT 2012

I'm looking to squeeze every last bit of message throughput out of our
mirrored queue setup. I max out at 36 messages/sec when writing. (Yes, we
use transactions, and we know it's not optimal, but we're valuing high
reliability over speed. Our clients and/or servers could go away at any
moment, so things like Publisher-acknowledge are nice, but take away from
the fundamental disaster hardness.)

Anyhow, we're running on Ubuntu 10.04 with 2.71 and the default Erlang
install. This gives us R13B03 as the Erlang version.

Question: Does anybody (and particularly the RabbitMQ folks) have any input
on what sort of perf improvements we might get by switching to a newer
Erlang Version?

Obviously every situation is different, but before going down this road, I'd
like an idea of the order of magnitude of message rate improvements that
people have seen. That is, are they closer to 5%, 50% or 500%? (500% is
obviously a fantasy, but you get the idea.)



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