[rabbitmq-discuss] HA Documentation Error?

Uday Subbarayan uday.subbarayan at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 10 19:50:10 GMT 2012

Hi Emile,
     I read all the documentation + mailing list and can understand from past experience that HA in MQ is not a simple task. Here is my understanding to setup HA in Rabbit MQ and pl correct me if i am wrong

Step -0: Setup 2 nodes.

Node -1 : Master
Node -2: Slave

Step -1: Configure Mirrored Queues

Step-2: Publish Message to Master
"This is why publishes *also* go via GM - the master pushes each publish onto GM and the slaves received that and use it to derive the correct order" - Matthew Sackman@ Rabbit MQ

Step -3:Let Guaranteed Multicast(GM) to replicate messages to slaves

Step-4: Consume messages from slaves

Note: There is a risk in the above strategy if the master node goes down. If you want to avoid, then publish to all slaves? Here on wards, i am not clear. I also read about putting HA Proxy in front of the Rabbit MQ cluster and don't know whether it can lead to better or worse in this complex mix :-)

It looks to me that my steps can get basic level of HA in Rabbit MQ! Pl correct if i am wrong.


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Hi Uday,

On 09/02/12 23:32, Uday Subbarayan wrote:
> The first statement should be-
> All actions other than publishes go only to the SLAVE, ... (instead of
> master)

No, the statement as it stands is correct. This thread has some more detail:

> Side Note: Pl correct the spelling for "Behavior" in the title.

Both are correct. The RabbitMQ team tend towards British spelling.

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