[rabbitmq-discuss] rabbitmqctl -n ..... status fails one way but not the other

davidib davidib2001 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 9 14:07:13 GMT 2012


Thanks so much for the feedback.  I've explicitly opened ports
2098,4369 and 5672 on all three hosts in the cluster.  None of them
have 1052 currently open, not sure why A can status B and B cannot
status A but  I'll open posts 1052 and try it.  Are there any other
ports that I should make sure are open?

BTW I can't find any documentation regarding Rabbitmq/erlang using
port 1052.  Did I miss something/is this documented anywhere?

Thanks again

On Feb 9, 5:06 am, Emile Joubert <em... at rabbitmq.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> On 08/02/12 17:25, davidib wrote:
> > Basically, I can "rabbitmqctl -n rabbit at A status" while on node B (and
> > properly see rabbitmq node on A), but "rabbitmqctl -n rabbit at B status"
> > while on machine A reports the node on B is not running.
> This might be a firewall issue. Check whether you can establish a TCP
> connection to port 1052 on node B from node A. Running a cluster across
> firewalls (outside a datacentre) or over unreliable network links is not
> recommended. For more information see:http://www.rabbitmq.com/clustering.html#firewall
> -Emile
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