[rabbitmq-discuss] Max Consumers?

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Thu Feb 9 12:26:04 GMT 2012

Hi Uday,

On 08/02/12 22:05, Uday Subbarayan wrote:
> We are potentially looking at from 10's to 100's of compute engines. I
> know this is bit general question and still would like to check the
> community-
> How many consumers that we can attach to a "work queue" in Rabbit MQ
> with "fair dispatch"? We are going to run Rabbit MQ (HA mode) in AWS EC2
> instances. (we haven't decided the EC2 type yet)

RabbitMQ does not impose any limit on the number of consumers to a
queue. The range you have in mind should work fine, assuming all
channels use a small QoS value.

Bear in mind that the broker allocates an Erlang process for each queue.
If you have fewer queues than CPU cores then this might be a bottleneck.


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