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Saima Asif abdullahsaima at yahoo.com
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Hi There,
To solve bind function, I am thinking to desgin a table for storing records of (routingkey, exchange , Queue) in it. But how binding key would be created? I am confused should I store the binding key with this record as well. Here in this simple table can I make routing key as primary key?
I am sorry for lot of question. But I hope I 'll get a positive response for all of these.
Best Regards
Saima Asif

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Hi Jerry,
That was quite nice answer, I appreciate. 
Now I am thinking to manage record of table to represents the binding. Hope it would serve what I intended to do. 
Actually I am not very good at progamming I find the idea interesting but find difficulty in implemeting. As I am so much confused about this binding. 
However Thanks for your support thats he only forum where I hope to get something.
Best Regards, 

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Hi, Saima.

If you're trying to to implement some aspect of the actual AMQP
message transport, for learning purposes, you might consider following
RabbitMQ's structure.

In Rabbit, a binding of an exchange to a queue is essentially a record
in a table somewhere saying this exchange is bound to this queue, with
this associated routing key.

The actual work of getting a message published to that exchange into
an appropriate bound queue, is actually done by the process associated
with the communications channel used by the message's sender.  Essentially
it looks up the particulars of the exchange, determines what routing logic
is appropriate to use for that exchange type, looks at the message's routing
key if appropriate, and tries to match it to a binding.  If match(es) are
found, the message is forwarded to a process representing the queue, which is
responsible for its contents.  Almost symmetrically on the consumer side, 
a consumer's channel talks to the queue it's consuming from to ask it to 
disgorge its messages.

Apologies if this isn't quite what you're asking... I confess I may not fully 
grasp the ultimate intent of your investigations...

Best regards,

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Thank you very much Emile and Aamir for your kind replies. 

Infact I know the basic concept of binding, if a queue is bounded to exchange then that queue wants to receive the message from that particular exchange. But I am so sorry I dont know how to interpret this relationship into programming langauge i.e. C++. How can I specify the queue that now this queue will recieve messages from this exch ange. I have consulted all the material, But the problem is writing and interpreting. I am so sorry I think it would be a big ask. 

Any help would be highly appreiated. 


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Hi Saima, 

On 31/01/12 22:23, Saima Asif wrote: 
> I am student , and my supervisor and I have chosen to implement and 
> study it at very simpler level. my classes are not refined. There is one 
> class "message" which has a routing key. 
> I need your help how can I write Bind() function for this. 

Keep in mind that binding is an operation on a queue, not a message. See 
http://www.rabbitmq.com/amqp-0-9-1-reference.html#class.queue for queue 

Have you taken a look at the tutorials at 
http://www.rabbitmq.com/getstarted.html ? 
They introduce AMQP concepts (including binding) in a way that should be 
of help. Unfortunately no C or C++ translation exists, but if you feel 
brave you could contribute this. 


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