[rabbitmq-discuss] Using Pika Python client library with BlockingConnections and publisher-confirms - Does it work?

Matt Pietrek mpietrek at skytap.com
Mon Feb 6 18:29:59 GMT 2012

Thanks Ask and Marek for your replies.

Let me circle back to the original issue. Our system just needs a reliable
way of knowing that once we've published a message, that it's safely in the
broker. The exact mechanics aren't particularly important.

Obviously transactions will work, but they slow things down to the point
where we're doubting the system performance will meet our needs. I'm happy
to experiment with publisher-confirms, but it seems that given our simple,
synchronous pattern, aren't easy to incorporate without contorting the
code. Perhaps I'm wrong, and if so, feel free to correct me.

What's your take here? What's the best path forward?

In a related question, can either of you offer some insights on the planned
futures of Pika / Puka / Kombu in terms of being client libraries we should
rely on for commercial app development?

Obviously if there were an official RabbitMQ Python client library, we'd
choose that. In the absence of that, we're trying to evaluate the viability
of Pika/Puka/Kombu, and whatever else is out there. However, it's hard to
get a sense for what is "the future" and what may not be a good choice 3
years from now.

Thanks again,

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