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Jerry Kuch jerryk at vmware.com
Fri Feb 3 19:42:05 GMT 2012

Hi, Navid:

We don't have a comprehensive sizing guide, but we recognize such a thing
would be useful and may take steps in that direction eventually.

Your machine sounds reasonably beefy, and your message sizes modest.  The
thing that will likely most affect sizing in this case is whether your
consumers do a good job of keeping up at the messages flow being pushed
through.  Also, the nature of the message flow also has an impact.  For 
example if a given message is routed to multiple consumers' queues, as it 
would be through a fanout exchange or under some conditions a topic exchange, 
the message itself is only stored once on the Rabbit server.

As a first step I'd suggest you experiment with load comparable to what you're
expecting, with a messaging/routing framework like or nearly like that of your
planned application.  Give that a shot, and then come on back and we can discuss
tuning and optimization as needed...

Best regards,

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I trying to size a solution that has concurrency of 10,000 subscriber and they all may concurrently receive messages of size up to 5KB.

The server has two processors and total of 8 cores running at 2.1 GHz (AMD). Memory size is 16 GB. 

Is this configuration possible? is there any guides in terms of a sizing of RarbbitMQ  solution?

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