[rabbitmq-discuss] rabbitMQ redistribution with minimal ERLANG files....

Philippe Jean p_jean at ateliers-numeriques.net
Fri Feb 3 14:44:41 GMT 2012


I'm considering to use rabbitMQ in a commercial application.  I would need
to run it both on the client and on some remote server.

can I avoid to install the full fledged
(110MB) erlang on the client machine? what is the minimal set of files from
erlang required by rabbitMQ and how can I configure my install to use them?
  I tried to copy the bin directory from the erlang build and modified the
rabbitmq-server script to use the erl in that bin directory but I get the
following error:

> ERROR: generation of boot script file
> ../mnesia/rabbit at WQP12453-2-plugins-expand/rabbit.script failed:
> {'EXIT',{{badmatch,{erl_prim_loader,error}},
>          [{xref_utils,find_beam,1,[{file,"xref_utils.erl"},{line,458}]},
>           {xref_base,'-make_libs/5-fun-0-',2,
>                      [{file,"xref_base.erl"},{line,1441}]},
>           {lists,foldl,3,[{file,"lists.erl"},{line,1197}]},
>           {xref_base,make_libs,5,[{file,"xref_base.erl"},{line,1446}]},
>           {xref_base,do_set_up,1,[{file,"xref_base.erl"},{line,1304}]},
>           {xref_base,do_set_up,2,[{file,"xref_base.erl"},{line,1160}]},
>           {xref_base,q,3,[{file,"xref_base.erl"},{line,283}]},
>           {xref,handle_call,3,[{file,"xref.erl"},{line,494}]}]}}
should I copy more files? libs? I'm not familiar with erlang or the erlang


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