[rabbitmq-discuss] Keeping track of exchanges -- Any Advice

MarcusR marcus_rubeus at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 1 02:55:52 GMT 2012

Direct routing would be great since all my code is already written for
direct routing. The problem with direct routing is rabbitmq (based on
the amqp spec) keeps throwing a channel exception if a message is sent
to an exchange that does not exist. Is there an extension within
rabbitmq that says "Pretend messages that get sent to a non-existant
exchange are sent and just discard the messages?"

If not, then I have to keep track of a LOT of exchanges that are
created and destroyed in an unpredictable matter. The only advantage
to the topic exchange routing is to work around the amqp throwing
channel exceptions as I can guarantee xxx topic exchanges can exist.

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