[rabbitmq-discuss] HA queue disappears when a node rejoins the cluster

Francesco Mazzoli francesco at rabbitmq.com
Wed Aug 29 18:27:26 BST 2012

Hi Matt,

It turns out that I was testing it wrong - I can reproduce the problem, and we
tracked down the cause. Thanks a lot for reporting this, even if fixing it
won't be fun...

> Regarding the resync logic I have (HTTP api to retrieve all messages, with
> requeue), I'm not wedded to that. I'm just looking for some way to quickly
> resynch all contents, preferably without myself reading and re-publishing all
> messages. If there's some way to let the broker do most (all?) of the work,
> I'm all ears. My observation was that the "retrieve with requeue" seemed to
> work as intended, but you're obviously the expert on this, so I'm all ears.

The one and only way to resync an HA queues is by republishing.  Rabbit queues
are non-browsable, and for this reason the only way to insert messages is at the
back - so requeuing won't work, since requeue messages are left were they are.

Francesco * Often in error, never in doubt

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