[rabbitmq-discuss] Shovel restart command hanging

Tim Watson tim at rabbitmq.com
Tue Aug 28 18:50:21 BST 2012

On 28 Aug 2012, at 18:06, Elizabeth Liao wrote:

> So is there a way to tell if problem that we're seeing is related to the shovel-remains-in-terminated-state bug (fixed in 2.8.6)?  We can't run rabbitmqctl commands after the problem occurs since all rabbit related commands hang or they're taking a really, really long time (on the order of minutes).  The only information that I have available is from the rabbit logs which were attached to the original email.  Would the fixes in 2.8.6 address the issue?

It does sound like a similar issue, so upgrading might help. Sorry I didn't pick up on that immediately - I was away when 2.8.6 was released and didn't take proper note of the dates.

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