[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ configuration for Scaleout RPC setup

dharshanr dharshanr at scalegrid.net
Sun Aug 19 22:31:19 BST 2012

Hi folks,

We are using RabbitMQ to implement a RPC messaging scenario between a 
server and a number of clients. There could potentially be hundreds of 
thousands of clients. Each client also belongs to a different customer - so 
isolation between clients is good.  Here is what I am thinking - would love 
to get the thoughts of RabbitMQ experts

1. A virtual host and user for every client. This way each client connects 
to its virtual host using its own username password. Also if one clients 
username/password gets compromised it wont affect the other clients.
2. One queue per virtual host called the "Client messaging queue". The 
client waits for messages on this queue after connecting to the virtual host
3. When the server wants to message a client it creates an unnamed queue in 
the virtual host of the client (as the reply queue) and then posts messages 
to the "Client messaging queue". The client processes the message and 
replies back on the tagged reply queue.

The clients are forever connected to the RabbitMQ server. I have also set 
RequestHeartBeat since there is a load balancer in the middle.

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