[rabbitmq-discuss] amqphp "send message failed for channel.close" and idle channels stacking up

André Laszlo andre at laszlo.nu
Fri Aug 17 08:49:57 BST 2012

Does anyone recognize this problem, I was working on it all day
yesterday with no luck:

My setup has been working for six months without any problems, today
amqphp crashed with the message "Send message failed for

I tried restarting, reinstalling, clearing everything I could think of
but the problem remains. I thought I should eliminate as many
variables as possible, so I downloaded the "hello world" scripts,
send.py and receive.py. Receiving works - but only if I send using the
web based management tool. When I send using send.py the messages
seems to get trashed - they never reach receive.py and they don't show
up anywhere in the web interface. What's even more weird is that every
time I run send.py, there's a new channel being added (idle). Right
now I have 20 idling channels. Here's my output from rabbitmqctl


I can't think of any configuration changes or updates that I have made
recently that could be related to these problems, so any help or hint
would be very appreciated!

/André L.

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