[rabbitmq-discuss] x-message-ttl extension to RabbitMQ

Chris Johnson wchrisjohnson at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 01:33:50 BST 2012


I'm building a messaging solution where we'd like messages in several queues
to stick around for several days to a week or more. In the documentation, it
seems to say that this is achievable via the Time-To-Live extension:


I have a queue declared as such:

        @queue ||= client.queue(QUEUE,
                                :durable => true,
                                :autodelete => false,
                                :arguments => {'x-ha-policy' => 'all',
                                               'x-message-ttl' =>

Obviously, I just picked a big number for the TTLŠ

The messages I'm pushing onto this queue are getting deleted immediately, as
least as far as I can tell within the dashboard UI.

Am I going about this correctly?


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