[rabbitmq-discuss] Irregular service failure

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Wed Aug 15 14:04:43 BST 2012


On 08/08/12 10:58, Colin Bull wrote:
> I have exactly the same situation. Although the message volumes are
> slightly less probably 10,000 msg/day.. I am currently running on
> RabbitMQ 2.8.4. I have tried looking in the logs and I cannot see
> anything strange. Any other ideas?

You should take a careful look at all the logfiles. For Windows services
that includes the normal broker log, the sasl log and the console log.
See the rabbitmq-service.bat manpage for more information about


The other possibly useful source of inforamtion is the Erlang crash
dump. If the interpreter crashes unexpectedly then it will produce a
file named erl_crash.dump. The slogan should contain the reason for the


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