[rabbitmq-discuss] Two questions: max bindings and handling noconsumer present

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Thu Aug 9 08:58:18 BST 2012

On 08/08/12 23:06, Bell, Paul M. wrote:
> I will think about the alternative routing topologies Matthias
> suggests. But what's wrong with using the mandatory flag - is it not
> applicable for the case I describe?

The problem is that it's racy. There may be a connected consumer and 
associated queue at the time the message is routed - which is what 
'mandatory' is checking - but then said consumer might disconnect before 
rabbit had a chance to send it the message.

Thinking about it though, employing an alternate exchange suffers from 
the same problem.

Not deleting the queues when consumers disconnect (i.e. not using 
exclusive queues), is about the only solution I can think of that won't 
result in the message being silently discarded in the above scenario, 
but that may not fit in with what you want to accomplish.



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